Why Is Your Workout Failing?

How many of you have started working out and then decided to give up because it did not produce the results that you wanted? When you decided to stop working out, did you ever also stop to think about why you lost your results? Perhaps, there was something that you did incorrectly and if changed, you might get your results? Here are some of the most common reasons of why workout routines fail.

Your Brain Needs Time

Did you know that when you introduce a new activity to your body, it will take time for your brain to understand that something has changed? This is the same reason why people are advised to eat slowly and chew well. If you started on your vibration plate exercise machine for one month and then, seeing no results gave up, it really is not the fault of the workout. It’s the fault of a little something called impatience. For you to see anything clearly, you need to give your body at least a good two to three months. For people who are very over weight, this could be even more. The truth is that there are already healthy changes happening inside your body and in those fat layers and muscles, but you just can’t still see them well.

Don’t Make Excuses

Many people have gotten used to saying, that they do a lot of work around the house and therefore they do not need to work out because they sweat a lot. Climbing up and down your stairs is alright. Sweeping around the whole garden is fabulous. Sitting next to durable all-steel fire pits and sweating is not considered working out. Neither is a two minute slow walk to the next door neighbor’s house after which you enjoy a high sugar cup of coffee. Do you see the difference?

Cheat Meals Are Not Once A Day

Sometimes working out makes you think that you have now achieved enough to allow yourself a cheat meal. If this happens once a day, you are actually just cheating yourself from the chance of seeing results. A cheat meal is something that you can enjoy about once a week or once in two weeks. For some people with massive weight issues, cheat meals will be harder to come by. By rewarding yourself with food, you actually deprive yourself of your actual health. Enjoy food and use the cheat meal once in a while as motivation to keep going, not as a reward. All your food rewards for great behavior can go to your puppy or cat.